Star Trek: 3D-Printed USS Defiant Command Chair & Helm Console


After being impressed with my USS Voyager pieces last month, I decided to get some more 3D-printed Star Trek accessories that previously only existed in my dreams. In addition to the Intrepid-class Helm Console to further complete the Voyager bridge, my subsequent batch of arrivals from Triple Fiction Productions included the USS Defiant Command Chair and Helm Console.

Growing up with the more action-packed Star Trek spinoffs, I had a preference for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–99) and Star Trek: Voyager (1995–2001). While DS9 had a pretty good variety of figures from Playmates during the 90s, there still lacked sufficient offerings for a USS Defiant bridge playset. Playmates did release a Captain Sisko w/ Command Chair and Lt. Dax w/ Helm Console in their Warp Factor Series line, but I never liked the fact that these figures were done in a slightly larger 5″ scale when their expansive collection previously released were all 4″ figures. I even had a few of these deviants only to end up selling them due to this size discrepancy that still peeves me to this day. 😒

Unlike the Warp Factor version of the Defiant-class Command Chair, this one comes complete with the control panels on each side, allowing Captain Sisko access to virtually every system aboard the ship!

Playmates Captain Benjamin Sisko w/ 3D-printed USS Defiant Command Chair.
Playmates Lieutenant Jadzia Dax w/ 3D-printed USS Defiant Helm Console.
“Lieutenant, take us back to Deep Space Nine. Maximum warp.”
“Sensors have detected a large Dominion fleet entering the wormhole. ETA ten minutes.”
“Red alert! All hands to battlestations!”
“There’s an old saying: fortune favours the bold. Well, I guess we’re about to find out… Sisko to all ships. Cruiser and Galaxy wings, drop to half impulse. Attack formation Delta-Two. Prepare to engage the Dominion on my command. Attack fighters, tactical pattern Theta. Concentrate your fire on the Cardassian ships, and then split off into squadrons and run like hell.””

At last, now I can have bridge playsets representing the ships from both of my favourite Star Trek series on my collection shelves!

Just when I thought that would be it, the Galaxy-class Ten Forward Bar Set also went into production around the same time. Resistance was futile so I ended up getting that one too since it would make for some fun bar scenes in my Toyverse.

“Desperate times breed desperate measures. Five years ago, Starfleet began exploring the possibility of building a new class of starship. This ship would have no families, no science labs, no luxuries of any kind. It was designed for one purpose only, to fight and defeat the Borg. The Defiant was the prototype, the first ship in what would have been a new Federation battle fleet. She may have flaws, but she has teeth, and I want the Dominion to know that we can and will defend ourselves if necessary.”


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