“As you command, Dr. Hinelar”

“As you command, Hinelar-sama.” 🙇🏻

“As you command, Hinelar-sama.” 🙇🏻

While cleaning & excavating relics in one of my undisturbed childhood rooms, I found a box of old Power Rangers & Super Sentai custom figures that I made many years ago!

I often cringe at the sight of my past works as I feel they usually don’t stand the test of time but realized I never properly photographed them, so I decided to immortalize a few of my best ones. I may or may not post them all as they’re not exactly spectacular works of art in my books… then again, I am and always have been my own worst critic with my growing perfectionist standards.

Among the customs I made was Dr. Hinelar, main villain of Denji Sentai Megaranger (1997–98). Thanks to my essential oil diffuser w/ coloured lighting for sparking a sudden creative inspiration, I felt compelled to cease what I was doing and initiate a quick impromptu photo shoot. As long as it’s out of focus and covered in that soothing mist, I suppose this hideous childhood creation compliments the Lightning Collection Red and Blue Psycho Rangers (Nezirangers) quite well, surprisingly, if I say so myself. 👌🏻


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