Star Trek: 3D-Printed USS Voyager Command Chairs, Helm Console, Sickbay Bio-bed

"Set a course... for home."

My much-awaited USS Voyager bridge Command Chairs and Sickbay Bio-bed finally arrived from Florida-based 3D-printed products manufacturer Triple Fiction Productions. They specialize in creating life-sized Star Trek weapons, props and a plethora of action figure accessories that I could previously only dream of.

Growing up with the more action-packed Star Trek spinoffs, I had a preference for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–99) and Star Trek: Voyager (1995–2001). While DS9 had a pretty good variety of figures from Playmates during the 90s, Voyager really suffered in this regard and even had no playsets of any kind at all. The lack of abundance in VOY product offerings compared to TOS/TNG has always annoyed me over the years – especially when Art Asylum & Diamond Select Toys made realistic 7″ figures for every series at the time except Voyager.

After so many years yearning for such playsets, it was evident there was no point holding my breath and that dreams can come true with 3D printing. Now I can finally give my Playmates Voyager crew a proper home to be displayed in! 😍👌🏻

Playmates USS Voyager crew w/ 3D-printed Intrepid-class Command Chairs.

With the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) Doctor being one of my favourite characters, of course I had to get a Sickbay Bio-bed accessory just for him!

Playmates EMH Doctor w/ 3D-printed Sickbay Bio-bed.
“Please state the nature of the medical emergency… oh, it’s you again. What have you suffered this time? Need I remind you, Mikuru… I’m a Doctor, not a Re-Animator.”

Since I was impressed with my Intrepid-class Command Chairs and Sickbay Bio-bed from my first order, I decided to further complete my USS Voyager bridge set with an Intrepid-class Helm Console as well.

Lt. Tom Paris w/ Intrepid-class Helm Console.
“Mr. Paris, set a course… for home. Engage.”
“Aye, Captain. Course laid in. Destination: Alpha Quadrant. Maximum warp.”

While adjusting the camera exposure, I accidentally snapped this photo – which turned out to be a keeper – since it looks like the Voyager crew is being thrusted 75,000 light years into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker’s Array. Happy little accident. Bob Ross would be proud. 😅

“Captain, there’s a polarised magnetic displacement shock wave moving toward us. It’s massive!”
“Brace for impact!”

Furthermore in the same subsequent order, I also got the USS Defiant Command Chairs & Helm Console as well as the Galaxy-class Ten Forward Bar Set. Wasn’t planning to splurge on so many pieces in one go but everything I wanted just so happened to commence production around the same time.

Hopefully, Triple Fiction Productions will eventually make Intrepid-class Tactical and Operations Consoles for Lieutenant Tuvok and Ensign Harry Kim as well? Here’s hoping… in the meantime, there’s a joke I’d like to make about Ensign Kim but it would never be promoted anyway. 😂


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