Child’s Play: Reanimation of Chucky


In an effort to delve more into toy photography, I decided to participate in Rue Morgue’s Plague Doctors Rewards Club running throughout the month of May. How could I resist when the best part was I received a prize pack just for posting my photos?

Herbert West: Puppet Master

Conjured up this idea while brainstorming for Rue Morgue’s #WannaPlayChallenge. It combines two of my favourite classic horror elements in one! I suppose Dr. Herbert West is the real Puppet Master. 😉

Mikuru: My Bloody Victim

In addition to my Toyverse’s favourite scream queen Mikuru starring in this #CandymanChallenge, I also utilized a bunch of household items as per the rules of the challenge: broken mirror still laying around, cutting board for the bloody wall, ketchup as blood, used aluminum foil sculpted into Candyman’s arm and a metal wire that I bent into the shape of a hook.

Behind-the-scenes of Mikuru in the #CandymanChallenge.

As a result of posting on Instagram, I received a prize pack containing some Child’s Play trading cards from Fright Rags!


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