Toyverse: Ghostbusting with Mikuru


Been watching too many paranormal shows lately thanks to T+E and Travel Channel (DTour 🇨🇦) so I suppose something possessed me to do this. 😅

Be sure to scroll until the very bottom to hear the EVP I made to accompany the last shot! 😱

“Mikuru, where did you see the shadow figure?”

“Right about here… it’s very cold in this spot.”

“Look! The REM Pod lights are blinking! Ray, now’s a good time to bring out the Ovilus and start recording some EVP audio…”

“On it, Egon.”

“Kyon, you getting all this on video?”


“This is Egon Spengler conducting an EVP session…”

“Who are you?”

[static] “…..” [/static]

“Why are you here?”

[static] “…..” [/static]

“What do you want?”


[static] “MI-KU-RU!” [/static] 😰


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