“My Format: Virus. To Corrupt and Conquer”


Who remembers the pioneer CGI animated cartoon “ReBoot” from the 90s? 🤓

“Pardon the interruption, my liege… the virus Evox insisted on meeting you.”

“Megabyte, I presume? We heard you succeeded in the conquest of your domain…”

“Indeed… and you are standing on proof of my victory. Welcome to Megaframe – MY domain!”

“I wish to propose an alliance. We need you to help us get rid of those pesky Power Rangers from Grid Battleforce!”

“Never heard of them.”

“What if we told you there was more than this. A whole realm that exists beyond Cyberspace?”

“Go on…”

“What you preside over is only a microcosm of a greater organic world – a whole other dimension still open to be corrupted and conquered!”

“Hmm, I am intrigued.”

“I come from Megaframe, infecting systems, people and cities, to this place: Coral Harbor – soon to be MY domain. My format: Virus. To corrupt and conquer!”

“Ah, an interesting specimen. Familiar, yet different. You must be one of the organics Evox informed me about, hmm? Tell me, boy. Who is the Guardian in this so-called real world?”

“You’re looking at one! You’ll never win, virus! I am one of many protecting this world!”

“Ah, yes… just like your Sprite counterparts, I must say you organics certainly do fight bravely. Right to the bitter, sweet end.”


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