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Q: Why is a portion of your site restricted to members only?
A: I started this site to share my events and convention reports with people I frequently talk to. Time and time again, I find my blog being more popular than I hoped for it to be which can make me feel uncomfortable. Sure, I can be less detailed in my posts about some things but my blog is meant to be my personal journal and as a detail-oriented person, I like to be specific. As I became more skilled in building websites, I found ways to control and restrict who can view my content. However, there will still be content that will be open to all readers.

Q: Why do you censor out your face in all your photos?
A: The same reason a portion of my site is restricted to members only – I simply do not want people finding out all about me online. I also do not wish to be recognized by others who potentially follow me online unbeknownst to me (stalkers) if they see me in-person as I find it awkward and creepy. Also, check out Criminal Minds Season 10, Episode 7 “Hashtag” for another reason to keep my face offline. Cynically speaking, I suppose posting selfies and making your entire life public online is just another form of Darwinism at work. Oh, and Project Insight. ūüėõ

And if I do somehow end up photographed somewhere – well, I just keep calm and carry on so as to not trigger the Streisand effect.

Q: When will you make another Sentai Mecha Battle video?
A: Due to my lack of interest in DX mechas now, I have no plans to make anymore for the time being. The 7th “episode” with Megatron and the Decepticons is my last one. I have slowly lost interest in DX Sentai mechas ever since S.H.Figuarts started becoming more dominant — and because I just don’t care for the¬†recent mecha designs. Year after year since 2010’s Gokaiger, the designs have consistently disappointed me. I have also decided to focus on collecting 1/6 scale figures.


Q: You deleted my comment???
A: I do not hesitate and waste no time in removing any comments I deem negative, derogatory, spam, or simply do not like. Let this be a warning to watch what you say. Welcome to my dominion, where I rule supreme with an iron fist! :mwahaha:

Q: How can I become a ‘member’ and access your restricted content?
A: I only welcome those whom I am acquainted with and are in my Inner Circle as I do not want total strangers knowing so much about me. That said: if we frequently interact and I become familiar with you, I will likely welcome you and grant access to my restricted content. My intention to start a blog was never to get many visitors, but to easily share things with friends and acquaintances. I did not expect to get so many visitors over time and felt uncomfortable with it, so restricting certain content is my solution to this without isolating all visitors.

Q: I chat¬†with¬†you a fair amount and would like to join your¬†‘Inner Circle’.
A: If we don’t already have an established¬†private means of¬†communication,¬†send an¬†email to¬†nerdtaku[at]nerdemperor.com


Q: You meet a lot of celebs. You must really enjoy doing so?
A: Actually, no – I do not. Much like toy hunting, there is no “thrill of the hunt” for me. I hate it. I¬†may enjoy when I actually meet¬†them but my main enjoyment is having met them and curating my collection of photos and autographs in the comfort of my home.

Q: Where do you meet all these celebs?
A: That information is classified as I do not wish to hinder my own chances at success. I also kind of have a non-disclosure agreement with a friend.


Q: Do you want to meet up at (insert convention name here)?
A: First and foremost, I go to conventions mainly for the celebrity guests as collecting autographs and photo-ops are my primary objectives. If there are no guests of interest, I do not even bother attending. That said, social activities like “meeting up” are not my main priority – especially when I am paying to be there, I intend to get the most out of my admission. If you want to meet up, I am open to it but only if it is done elsewhere – for free – and not at the expense of the successful completion of my objectives. If I happen to be “done” early though and have extra time to spare, then by all means… sure, I guess.

Q: Want to be friends?
A: That depends – is there something I have that you want to take advantage of or are you offering genuine friendship? I would rather have no friends at all than fake friends who use me and then toss me aside. These people can all burn in hell for all eternity for all I care…

Q: Are you selling anything from your collection?
A: Yes. I am in the process of setting up an online store to catalog all the stuff I am hoping to get rid of. Please check out my Store. If you are local, I also have some items listed on Kijiji.

Q: How big of a Transformers fan are you? 
A: I love Transformers but it isn’t my primary interest and it’s an on/off interest for me. Though I’ve bought a fair amount of toys (haven’t counted exactly how many), my iPhone case has a Decepticon logo (which in turn made me name my phone “Laserbeak”), and I have a silver luxury car I call “Soundwave” which I like to consider as my Decepticon guardian. ūüėõ

Q: How much toys do you have?
A: I haven’t actually counted everything before. I’m even kind of afraid to since my collecting got out of hand for a period of time several years ago. I’d guess maybe around a thousand, more or less? I always aim to downsize my collection and sell off things I don’t really care for that much but it’s difficult weeding these items out as there are so many things that I like.

Q: Do you play (insert game here)?
A: No, I do not play any games. I am not a gamer in the slightest. I don’t even have interest in games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, etc. and don’t even get me started on how bloody annoying Facebook game invites are! I do own a Wii and still have my Nintendo 64 from back in the day, but only occasionally play a few games I happened to really like. I generally prefer to pass my time with movies and TV shows. In fact, there are so many things I want to watch that I would likely never get to them all in my lifetime – let alone even have time for games!

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