FAQ (Restricted)

Questions About Me

Q: Why do you always torment Mikuru? Do you have some kind of sadomasochism fetish?
A: I wish you asked me that in person, just so I can take your head and ram up it up your arse so fast you couldn’t even finish a sneeze. That is one main reason I no longer bother to post my Mikuru comics on forums and only post them where I can control all comments. Utterly stupid idiots conjuring up totally outrageous, blatant conclusions as to why I take such photos. [/Rant]

Answer to the legit first question: The figma Mikuru Asahina comes with a crying face and that simply begs for such toy comics to be made. It is fun to put her in unfortunate situations because the crying face goes so well with it. There is no other deeper reasoning than that.

You complain a lot in your convention posts about things not going right. Why are you always so negative?
I think it’s because I am a perfectionist. I want (and tend to expect) things to be picture-perfect. I just can’t help it and generally have high expectations. It’s part of who I am. Believe me, I wish I could not be so uptight and be more easy-going but that just doesn’t seem to be my character.

Who is the Nerdtaku and ZaEmpera/Emperor-sama? If you’re the same people, why do you seemingly talk to yourself on Twitter?
Nerdtaku and Emperor-sama – 「ザエンペラー様」 or 「皇帝様」 – are actually one and the same person. This will sound weird but sometimes I feel like I have dual personalities and Nerd Emperor is actually a name for both of them.

Emperor-sama is like the Mr. Hyde within me. When I am angry, my Dark Side tends to take over and I tweet from an alternate account instead so as to not lose followers from my rantings. It can be scary as I become someone else – something else. Emperor-sama is reminiscent to a Bond villain – a fusion of the spoiled rich brat Auric Goldfinger who absolutely hates to lose and the all-powerful head of S.P.E.C.T.R.E., Ernst Stavro Blofeld – though I call my “organization” E.M.P.E.R.O.R. (Executive Monarchy for Political Espionage, Revolution, Oppression, and Revenge) – yes, I actually made up an entire acronym for it. Anyway, I would not be surprised if I may be bipolar or have dissociative identity disorder.

What would you do if you met your past-self?
I would first build a paradox machine to void temporal consequences and then kill them for being so stupid. I very much hate my past-selves because they are weak and it is this weakness that allowed such bullying to occur, making me the evil I am today.