Checked out the completed #LEGOCanada #CanadaBuildForGood mural on display at #HolidayFairTO. The massive structure, boasted to be the largest mystery mural ever created in the Western Hemisphere, measuring 40×12 feet but what truly impressed me was the fact the mural is lenticular – the image changes when you view it from different angles! 😲

Back in November, there was a popup activation near my city residence so I inadvertently passed by almost every day and saw its progress. Passersby were encouraged to help build a piece of the mural. Though as someone constantly on-the-go in the city, it takes some good incentive for me to stop so I admittedly thought it was pretty lame without any sort of (exclusive) giveaways. Let’s be brutally honest, that’s really the reason to visit any popup!

While I didn’t intend to partake in the build, I got dragged by a friend one day who wanted to do the activity, which was a tedious and repetitive process… nothing like what I enjoy building at home. Oh well, at least now I can say I had some part in contributing to this project after all. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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