While I am not a gamer in the slightest, I have always been a fan of Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) due to the films and video game toys for as long as I can remember. This was the main draw for me coming to Capcom Bar, another themed restaurant I visited on my 2015 Tokyo trip.

After being lost in the frustrating maze that is Shinjuku for the Nth time, I finally managed to find my way to the Pasela Resorts Shinjuku.

Upon entering the lobby, I displayed the reservation email on my iPhone to staff at the front desk and was asked to wait a little bit since it was still early. Unlike Kamen Rider: The Diner, it seems they are more strict with reservation times here.

Because of Valentine’s Day yesterday, there was a chocolate fondue fountain with cake and fruit for guests to help themselves. I tried some but didn’t find it that good – not to mention, too messy to enjoy standing around.

When it was finally 4:30pm, the staff led our small group into the Capcom Bar which was relatively compact. All the servers did a scripted cheer-thing to welcome all the patrons as we were all entering. I was seated at the bar area and had easy access to service in case I needed anything.

Decor felt less impressive and extravagant than Kamen Rider: The Diner but the food and accommodating staff, who were friendly and enthusiastic despite an existing language barrier with my relatively limited Japanese, were exceptional.

Capcom themed figurines are on display everywhere – many of them are available for sale too in the Goods Menu.

As both are run by Pasela Resorts, the ordering system was the same as Kamen Rider: The Diner so there was no explaining needed. You simply check off what you are ordering on paper checklists and give it to one of the staff. They did have English menus available but from where I was sitting, I could simply just point to an item and the staff would take care of the paper work for me.

I came at 4:30pm so considering I already ate lunch elsewhere before coming here, I only snacked a little. I was mainly interested in their limited-time Biohazard menu. Alas, a lot of the things I wanted to order ended up containing things I would not eat such as squid ink and a lot of the drinks that looked good visually were alcoholic. There was a Tyrant themed drink I really wanted to order but didn’t out of fear I wouldn’t like the alcoholic taste. That ended up closing off a lot of options for me…

FYI: I do not drink alcohol because I do not like the taste and sensation of it. It’s a preference which also happens to be a healthier life choice as I’m “squeaky clean” – I don’t do drugs, smoke, or drink!

I asked about the limited Tyrant coaster since I really wanted something Tyrant-related and the staff said they were randomly given when we leave, to my disappointment. What is it with Japan and the whole randomness gimmick? Ugh, I hate it with the fury of a billion suns!

I ended up settling for a soft drink item that looked like a floating eye ball in a glass of bloody eye ball juice. Sounds appetizing, ne? 😛

While doing my pre-trip research online, I knew I had to try their Brain Cake… and that is exactly what I tried!


Don’t be alarmed… the “blood” is actually raspberry sauce.

The cerebral cortex (outer layer) is actually puréed sweetened chestnuts. Upon dissecting a portion of the frontal lobe, whipped cream is visible inside.

Upon venturing further into the brain as I consume this wonderful zombie delicacy, I find out that the thalamus is made of raspberry jam…

After finishing the drink, I inspected the ocular prosthesis and it’s actually a ball of ice with a black raspberry stuffed inside. Not so amusingly disgusting now but it certainly was convincing earlier!

Upon leaving, I got lucky as the server got me the Tyrant coaster I wanted… pure coincidence or maybe he was a nice guy and discretely gave me what I want? 😉

Was also given another Capcom Bar coaster and a second random Biohazard coaster, which was not one I wanted… oh well, I still got Tyrant!

I ended up visiting again on my second-last day in Japan since I was in the Shinjuku area again and there was a new different limited Biohazard menu in effect just a few days earlier. Although stupid-me did not realize that one of the items I planned to order was from the previous limited menu so I didn’t get to try the “flower mouth” Majini Zombie dish. *SIGH*

I couldn’t eat much anyway as I had a reservation for Sengoku Buyuden (a period-themed restaurant) later that evening so I settled for a small snack and re-indulged in some Brain Cake again with a Biohazard-themed Ice Coffee in hopes for scoring another specific coaster I wanted – this time featuring a zombie.

Despite a different staff on my second visit, I got lucky again and the server seemed to give me the exact one I wanted. 😀

Overall, I give Capcom Bar a rating of 4 stars. The staff were amazingly nice and accommodating – going so far as to break some rules for me and give me the specific coasters I wanted, so it seemed. Guess being a foreigner in Japan has it’s benefits! Though preferential treatment aside and considering the priority of my interests, I personally think Kamen Rider: The Diner is better but Capcom Bar is certainly still a must-visit for gamers and fans of Capcom… and there’s one thing I simply could not get enough of here: delicious braaains!

Nerd Emperor’s Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: Pasela Resorts Shinjuku 1F
Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30−22:00 (11:30am−10pm), Sat-Sun 11:30−23:00 (11:30am−11pm)
Website: http://www.paselabo.tv/rider/
Access: JR Shinjuku Station (10-min. walk from West exit)
Notes: Reservation is recommended to guarantee seat upon arrival, but not required – forgo at your own risk. You can easily book online here on their Reservation Schedule. Form is available in English and Japanese.

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  1. Wow…
    This is awesome! Ive been somewhat of a Capcom fan since I was a kid. Not just Resident Evil/Biohazard,but Megaman,Viewtiful Joe,Street Fighter,Dead Rising and lately Monster Hunter. ^_^

    Everything about this restaurant looks stunning,from the decor to the menus,just great! That brain cake looks delicious,my thoughts while reading about it went immediately to the Tarman from Return of The Living Dead,just wanting to take a bite.

    Fantastic read as always my friend,sorry it took a bit to comment on here,but always fun to read about your adventures. =)

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